Biocross is a biotechnology company that seeks to improve
the life expectancy and quality of life of individuals with neurodegenerative diseases
through the design of innovative diagnostic systems.
This is achieved through the development of reliable
and non-invasive diagnostic tools that can be used
at any stage of the disease.

Early diagnosis

Biocross provides diagnostic solutions that can be used during the asymptomatic phase of the disease and enable  early detection of individuals with increased risk of developing dementia.


Biocross designed their products with a commitment to providing easy-to-use and cost-effective diagnostic tests of higher sensitivity and specificity than any currently available tests.


All of our diagnostic tests are based on the analysis of blood samples, and are applicable in hospital settings, thus ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Our goal

To provide neurologists with an integrated diagnostic solution that can be applied to any stage of the disease, including the earliest, asymptomatic phase.


  • Reduced cost of AD risk-assessment and diagnosis.
  • More widespread testing thanks to simpler, more readily available diagnostic methods.
  • Improved diagnosis, through earlier detection and differentiation of distinct dementia types.
  • Simplified diagnosis through leveraging of existing laboratory equipment.
  • Improved patient experience and safety.
Our products

cerebro-home-1The e4Risk® is a non-genetic, cost-effective, and highly reliable method to detect the presence of the ApoE4 protein in human blood plasma using high-throughput chemical analysis.

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cerebro-home-2The AD Dementia test is a multiparametric test that combines the detection and quantification of up to 9 metabolites or proteins in a plasma sample. The input of these measurements into an algorithm provides an accurate diagnosis and classifies the patient as either Alzheimer´s disease or frontotemporal dementia.

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cerebro-home-3The Degenerative dementia test is based on the detection and quantification of up to 7 blood biomarkers that are specifically altered in patients affected by neurodegeneration due to FTD or AD. The DD test is conceived as a “screening” tool for use in clinical practice.

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If you have any questions or comments,  we will be pleased to attend you

If you have any questions or comments,  
we will be pleased to attend you

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